Dr. Sabre Cherkowski

An Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Flourishing

What does it mean to pay attention to wellbeing at work during these unprecedented times? How can we craft our work in ways that empower us to notice and nurture wellbeing for ourselves and with others in our school systems? 

Join Dr. Sabre Cherkowski as she provides an overview of the practical findings from her recently completed research on teacher and administrator wellbeing.  She will provide experiential opportunities to engage with practices and strategies for noticing, nurturing and sustaining flourishing in schools. 


This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about and practice an appreciative inquiry process designed to focus on what works well and what contributes to feeling a sense of flourishing at work. Throughout the course of this workshop, participants will have opportunities to learn about the research findings from a positive organizational approach, and think about what these mean in their own contexts.  They will try out the practices and strategies that emerged from the research, and engage in a flourishing inquiry process designed to guide participants to notice and nurture wellbeing at work.  By the end of the workshop, participants will establish some plans toward learning to flourish in their own context.